Cuff bracelet for the Alpha Male

Debunk the myths about men and accessories, and get yourself a cuff bracelet! Add some glitz to an otherwise ordinary outfit by donning a simple cuff. Leonardo da Vinci summoned it up nicely with: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

Model is wearing the Organica cuff

A cuff bracelet is versatile enough for you to wear with a suit or dressed down at a casual event. Wear it on the same wrist with your wristwatch or on opposite wrists for a smart casual look. If you decide to wear cuff links, avoid the cuff bracelet. A cuff should not sit too tight or too loose on your wrist. A quarter-inch extension should fit just right.

Admiral cuff 

Men choose cuffs for minimalistic elegance. Look classy with minimal effort in gold or silver cuff bracelets. The cuff symbolizes power, strength, and courage! The strong alpha man will want to wear it to make both a fashion and masculine statement. Get our Ballast Cuff or Admiral Cuff bracelet today and look effortlessly dapper!

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