History and Symbolism of the Bracelet

Fashion jewelry tendencies have always been very unpredictable. On one hand, it was more settled to the rings throughout the entire history of the development of jewelry, but it wasn't the same for bracelets. Bracelets could leave the jewelry industry for many decades and then rise to the top of the fashion Olympus.

Bracelet means the wrist in French.

A bracelet wasn't just a piece of jewelry. In the beginning, the bracelets that we now wear on the wrists of the hands were worn at the ankles of the legs and not at all for beauty. They served as a talisman for protection against evil spirits. Bracelets were made from the tusks of animals, bones or other scrap materials.

Even now, some African indigenous people wear unusual bracelets on their hands and feet. Most of them are made from the gifts of nature, such as plant seeds, tree bark, bird feathers, shells, stones or colored minerals.