Why You Need A Staple Cuff This Season

There is an understated power and expansive history behind the classic style of cuff bracelets.

In ancient Egyptian folklore, cuffs were regarded as symbols of protection; in modern times, they represent liberation while simultaneously exuding class and distinction, quintessential elements for today’s modern man. As a sexy accessory that offers a definitive style statement, cuffs are a bold choice that speaks volumes. 

Wearing cuffs creates an impression of importance, self-confidence, and highlights other clothes you’re wearing. Apart from making a fashion statement, cuffs also help in holding back your shirt when you fold it at the wrist and arms.

These must-have accessories come in different sizes and shapes, each meant to match a unique taste. Cuffs are comfortable with both official and casual wear.

Get nice fitting cuffs that blend well with your shirt or t-shirt to accentuate your look. Checkout the Hammer Bundle if your style is rugged and bold.

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Alchor Platinum Red

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