You Anchor Me!

Christmas is near!

As a gift, our Anchor Silver Necklace is a stunning piece that defies all odds. The silver-plated, anchor-shaped pendant comes with a lobster claw clasp and hangs on a 23-inch silver chain. The pendant nestles comfortably on your breastbone and whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone this Christmas, it makes a stunning and thoughtful present. It’s subtle enough to wear with any outfit and looks great with a slightly unbuttoned casual shirt. Stunning yet understated, the chain also comes in 18k gold plating for those who prefer to live their dreams!

For centuries, the anchor has been a symbol of commitment and stability. Wearing this necklace makes a statement about your personality. Gifting it also says a lot to the person you give it to. It exudes mutual trust and commitment without saying a word. So, gift yourself or the men who anchor and hold you down when life’s storms get you down!

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Rated 4.9 out of 5
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$54.00 $75.00
Alchor Platinum RedAlchor Platinum Red

Alchor Platinum Red

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Pelagus Aegean Blue

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Orion Gray

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Duetto Giraffe

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Bangle Rose Gold

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