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Article: Top 5 Most Iconic Men’s Accessories in Movies

Top 5 Most Iconic Men’s Accessories in Movies - Elegatto

Top 5 Most Iconic Men’s Accessories in Movies

Many famous male characters in cinema have a distinctive style, an item or prop that sets them apart and makes them memorable. Like Don Corleone’s tuxedo, or Captain Hook’s distinctive hook hand. 

For this list, we are focusing specifically on men’s accessories from film. Some are famous for their iconic look, others for their immense power, here are our top five. 

P.S. This list contains spoilers for movies you definitely should have seen by now.

The One Ring from Lord of The Rings

The One Ring from Lord Of The Rings is one of the most powerful pieces of jewelry in cinema history, and arguably the most famous as well. I mean, is there any other accessory that has a massively popular film trilogy based entirely around it?

But be careful about actually wearing this powerful piece of jewelry, side effects include extreme attachment to the ring, becoming invisible, and saying “My precious” over and over again. 

frodo looking at one ring

James Bond’s Watches

There may not be a more iconic film accessory than 007’s watch, which can be divided into three distinct eras. Until 1974, Bond was almost always seen in a Rolex Submariner, a perfect watch for a high-class former Naval Commander. 

Between 1974 and 1995, Bond fell into the digital watch craze and wore a series of Seiko digital watches, some equipped with ‘advanced tech’ like the ability to print transmitted messages from other spies.

Since Pierce Brosnan took over in 1995, Bond has been seen only in different variations of the Omega Seamaster. Bond’s Seamasters are a bit different from the ones you’d get at a store, they have capabilities like a grappling hook, and the ability to be turned into a bomb. 

james bond with watch omega seamaster

Clark Kent’s Glasses

We couldn’t make a list of movie accessories without including a pair of the most transformative glasses in movie history. Clark Kent’s glasses somehow create such a good disguise that even his own girlfriend doesn’t recognize him. 

According to the comics, his glasses are made of Kryptonian glass, which makes them indestructible to his heat vision eye laser things. 

clark kent with glasses, superman without glasses

The Infinity Gauntlet

I’m not exactly sure if a gauntlet counts as an accessory, but we’re counting it. The Infinity Gauntlet was created for the titan Thanos by dwarf blacksmiths at a neutron star called Nidavellir, and eventually had the power to eliminate half of the universe's population with the snap of a finger. We’re gonna go ahead and say it is the most powerful accessory in movie history.

The finished Infinity Gauntlet also had the power to control space, time, reality, minds, souls?, and pretty much everything. Somehow though, Thanos still loses to the Avengers, and the gauntlet is destroyed.

tony stark and thanos with infinity gauntlet

The Gold Trench Watch from Pulp Fiction

The Gold Watch from Pulp Fiction makes this list because of the tremendous journey it went through in that POW camp in Hanoi. Bruce Willis’s Dad in the movie keeps the watch safe for 5 years in a… special hiding spot.

As he dies he hands the watch off to his trusted ally, played by Christopher Walken, who keeps it safe and hidden for another couple years, and eventually fulfills his promise to return the watch to the family. 

Christopher walken holding watch from pulp fiction

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