Inspiration, Process, and Finding Your Bracelet.

Elegatto is a men’s accessory store based in the center of Los Angeles. It was founded in 2017 by California entrepreneurs and designers with a mutual love for uniquely designed and well-made jewelry. We have a mission to provide premium quality accessories at affordable prices and allow each man to find a jewelry piece for any occasion and any style.

Everything you touch and everything that touches you has texture. What would life be without the sense of touch? Touch is an enjoyable sense, and we are fortunate that jewelry and especially bracelets invite people to actively use this sense. It adds another level of engagement. 

Simple enough to wear everyday

We focus on bracelets for a reason. Its universality makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of styles and designs. The intentional choice of certain bracelets you wear, produce a clear and concise design story.

Is this a casual, everyday piece or something more dramatic, for a special occasion? Is it for work, weekends, date night, or a Hollywood premiere? We believe that bracelets add liveliness and personality to your look. With Elegatto jewelry you can fill yourself with memories, thoughts, and feelings about important moments and people in your life.

Unique Designs

Although we approach design from an art-directed perspective, we still address function. We consider comfort, safety, material selection, and durability. Choosing and gathering materials, deciding what to emphasize, arranging and rearranging component parts, and coming up with a construction plan; all this and more becomes our design and production process.

We promise, on the hand the experience will be slick and smooth. All of our bracelets are gentle for the skin, hypoallergenic and don't blacken or tarnish.

You can find bracelets that inform and enhance each other and can be worn in a mix-and-match way. Varying Elegatto designs, you will add appeal and flavor to your style. Like a choral group with all the members singing their parts, the result is a visual harmony.

North Star of Your Style

The bracelet acts as the North Star to guide your style. With each choice, ask yourself, “Does this get me closer to or further away from my goal?” It holds the look together both visually and conceptually.

Remember that your goal is expressing ideas, emotions, or philosophy with your accessories. Bracelets communicate your worldview, without words, through the use of the principled and elements of design. In the end, your design will speak for you.

Thank you for your support,

Elegatto Team

Company Information

Future Look Inc.
120 E 8th st, Los Angeles, California
90014, United States of America