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Article: Bracelet Size Guide: How to Determine your Wrist Size

Bracelet Size Guide: How to Determine your Wrist Size - Elegatto

Bracelet Size Guide: How to Determine your Wrist Size

Determining your size can be a bit intimidating but we are here to help! Listed below are a few regular household items can help determine your wrist size:
  • Soft Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • String or shoelace
  • Piece of paper

    Once you have located a soft measuring tape, string, shoelace or piece of paper, begin by carefully wrapping the item around your wrist to a comfortable fit but not too tight where it may feel uncomfortable. Where you measure will be where you want the bracelet to sit at naturally. This can be above the wrist bone, on or below. Carefully mark the spot where the soft measuring tape, string, shoelace or piece of paper ends. Take a ruler or soft measuring tape to measure out in inches or centimeters of the string, shoelace or piece of paper. You have now found your wrist circumference! 

    -Models wrist size is: 6.25" inches-

    Determining your bracelet size:

    Now that you have your wrist circumference, you can now refer to our Size Guide. Our Size Guide will suggest a size based on your wrist circumference and does not reflect the actual length of the bracelets themselves. We will produce a bracelet with a comfortable fit (roughly 1/4" in longer).

    • Some people prefer the fit to be a bit more snug, while others may want a looser, casual fit. If a snug fit is desired, please go with your normal size being suggested.
    • If your wrist measures 6.25" inches (an in between size) as the photo above, your ideal fit would be our Small, always choosing the closest size. A 6.5" in wrist would be Small. 7.4" in would be a Medium.
    • We always suggest sizing up if you prefer a looser and casual fit. This means that the bracelet will not sit on the area of the wrist you measured and will move around a bit. It's all about your preference!
    -Model is wearing a size Small in our Alchor Black and Snake Chain Bracelet-

    Elegatto Size Guide:

    No worries if you don't get it right on the first go. We offer easy exchanges via our Return Center so you can find your perfect fit! Send us a message to for any other questions prior to purchasing, we are happy to help. 

    Shop our entire collection here for your perfect everyday bracelet.

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