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Article: Chains: The New It Accessory

Chains: The New It Accessory - Elegatto

Chains: The New It Accessory

When it comes to chains for men, you either go big or small. It’s up to you! Stunning is the only way to describe our Herringbone Chain Necklace. The magnificent silver-plated 316L stainless steel chain hangs at 46cm with a 4cm extension making it universal for all. With just the right weight, the Herringbone Chain Necklace fully captures the essence of the renowned bohemian minimalist vibe.
Also available in 18k gold plating, the necklace is perfect for most men who are conscious about their appearance. Nothing signifies elegance like a chain that subtly nestles on your neck. Whether you dress in a smart, sleek look or a toned down casual vibe, this necklace is perfect for you. The necklace flatters the wearer and enhances an overall look.

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Accessorizing with Sophistication - Elegatto

Accessorizing with Sophistication

Gifting is a natural part of relationships, with all cultures in the world have some form of gifting history. The gifting tradition can be traced back to ancient cave dwellers, Egyptians, and Roman...

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Be Bold - Elegatto

Be Bold

Some men love accessorizing, while others have the wrong conception of it. There is nothing wrong with a man accessorizing depending on his personality. Accessories allow him to express his true ch...

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