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Article: Doubling Down on Bracelets: Colors Abound

Doubling Down on Bracelets: Colors Abound - Elegatto

Doubling Down on Bracelets: Colors Abound

Black and brown leather may be eternal, but Elegatto’s bundled bracelets are all about the color, and Elegatto doesn’t sail under false colors.

We embrace an ever-expanding repertory of vibrant and quaint combinations, putting all the joy and variety on our wrists to radiate the events of your day or to lend a great deal of color to the slide show of your vacation. 

Elegatto presents easy-wearing bracelets that are ‘pretty tough’ with bold prisma – and that says it all – a unique display of boundless radiance everywhere.

Throughout the dozen or more bundles runs a common thread, and the thread is the freedom to create. We updated classic shapes and introduced new ones in an evocative range that accompany a pivot to a nautic-mod look, carrying the collection’s flashy braided and nautical motifs across a range of bracelets.

Meanwhile, we injected brilliant hue and maritime signal flag patterns into our iconic Sollo Bundle, coalesced into a complimentary blur. A welcome move from sailors, yachters, etc.

Elegatto Sollo Bundle
Our already-iconic Pelagus bracelet is updated in an extremely casual bundled variety.
Elegatto Pelagus Color Bundle
The Dueto Bundle provides the opportunity for extreme creativity. That green does not clash with the blue, it looks gorgeous.

Hybrid renditions of gray and navy provide a crafted casual appeal. Wear the Alchor or the Orion and Pelagus bundles as the sunlight ebbs away, the sky takes on grayish blue hues and the sunset is tinged with orange.

Elegatto Duetto Bundle
Elegatto Pelagus Bundle
Elegatto Bestseller Pack

Elegatto bracelet sets are bathed in many hues – electric blue, red, orange, and others, sprinkled with stardust. Stardust may be very becoming on you. Explore the Elegatto Bundles today and enjoy complimentary domestic shipping on orders over $50.



Model Wearing Elegatto Duetto in Nautical Navy Bracelet

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