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Article: The 10 Best Gym Bags

The 10 Best Gym Bags - Elegatto

The 10 Best Gym Bags

If you are somebody who likes to go to the gym more than once a month, then you will be more than aware of the essential nature of a good gym bag. The ability to be able to put your necessary clothing, equipment, and accessories all in one neat package is something that can make a world of difference when trying to maintain a positive and enthusiastic exercise regime.

You might think that one gym bag is just the same as all other gym bags, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You want something that is unarguably high quality, contains lots of side pockets for your various gadgets, has enough room for all of your gym clothes and valuables, and separate compartments for when you need to isolate the sweaty clothes for the washing machine when you get home.

Ideally, the best gym bags should be similar to the best weekender bags and travel bags in that they are versatile and serve a lot of different functions whilst still being practical and minimalist. It might seem like we are overthinking things, but trust us, when you get into that locker room, you don’t want to be the one person whose bag simply isn’t up to scratch!

With all of this in mind, here is a list of what we think are the ten best gym bags currently available on the market, with some pointers as to exactly why we think they are better than the rest.

  • GR11000D Slick 26L Bag by Goruck
  • Though this bag looks incredibly minimalist from the outside, it contains a plethora of zippered pockets and compartments that will be able to hold all the items a gymgoer needs including toiletries. If you are the kind of person who likes to get away to the gym before or after work, then you will be pleased to see that the back also has plenty of space for a laptop up to 17 inches, as well as exterior pockets for important smartphone charging accessories.

  • Supply Co. Packable Duffle Bag by Herschel

  • Easily found at a store like Nordstrom, this affordable gym backpack is perfect for easy access. The bag has a large main compartment rather than a bag with lots of individual interior pockets, but for something that you throw all of your gym clothes into and place comfortably in the gym locker, you can’t do much better. If you pack sensibly, there is even enough room for a yoga mat alongside your workout clothes!

  • Graphic Duffle Bag by ADIDAS

  • If you are looking for an ultimate gym bag that you know is going to last the rigors of things like wet clothes and still be water repellent and abrasion resistant, then something like this ADIDAS duffel bag is ideal. The graphic sports design on the exterior makes it a perfect fashionable gym duffel, with plenty of room for everything that you could need to take to the gym from workout gear to deodorant and everything in-between.

  • The ReNew Transit Backpack by Everlane

  • This is a sleek and affordable sports bag that also looks something like a laptop sleeve, which makes it a great gym bag for people who need to move between the gym and a professional office setting. You will find a lot of similar designs on Amazon, but the main selling point of this bag is that it is made from 100% recycled polyester.

  • ION Weekender by Mack Weldon

  • This water-resistant bag somehow manages to be very minimalist while still having a separate shoe compartment that is crucial when you need a change of clothes. Something of a cross between a duffle and tote, you can even use this bag as carry-on luggage when taking a longer trip.

  • Flyweight Duffle Bag by The North Face

  • This bag is proof that a gym-style tote bag doesn’t have to be heavy-duty to do its job. This particular design is made from adjustable ripstop nylon fabric that can hold even the heaviest of gym gear. It also has various zip pockets and meshes pockets on the sides of the bag for accessories like your water bottle and phone.

  • Black Hole Water Repellent 55-Liter Duffle Bag by Patagonia

  • No need to choose between a backpack and a duffle bag when you can have both! This award-winning black hole bag has wrist handles and a shoulder strap to give versatility in the way that you wear it, and it of course contains all of the expected features like a water bottle pocket. It features a water bottle holder that seems so obvious, but some brands simply don’t include them. Watch out!

  • Travel Pack 2 by Aer

  • Thanks to a padded shoulder strap, this bag is perfect for working 9 to 5 and then heading to the gym afterward. There is even a shoe pocket for those sweaty sneakers after you have gone through a hard workout. The adjustable shoulder strap is the real design winner with this bag.

  • Brasilia 9.5 by Nike

  • The Brasilia is a classic of the gym bag world! You can’t go wrong with this iconic design from Nike. It’s a duffel bag that does absolutely everything that you would want it to. There’s plenty of room to hold all of your workout accessories and equipment and it’s stylish enough to wear out in the street without worrying about how it looks matched up with your non-gym clothing.

  • Core Large Duffle Bag 2.0 38L by Lululemon

  • You can always trust Lululemon to be as stylish as possible, and the great thing about this gym bag is that you are getting the utmost practicality as well. This water repellant large duffle is ideal for any gym-goer, whether you make the trip to work out every single day or you are more of a once every two weeks kind of person! With space for all of your under armor gear and more, this is an ideal bag for the gym.

    Choose a gym bag that has the features you believe to be most important. Do you want something inconspicuous that looks good with your business suit or something casual with lots of compartments to hold all your gym stuff? Look for durability rather than high fashion and practicality overlooks.

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