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Article: Elegatto Weekly Playlist #5

Elegatto Weekly Playlist #5 - Elegatto

Elegatto Weekly Playlist #5

Happy Friday! 

This week our team as conjured the ultimate New Wave playlist. 

So sit back, and let the synth carry you deep into the weekend. 

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Elegatto's weekly playlist #2 - Elegatto

Elegatto's weekly playlist #2

Curated weekly by the Elegatto team for your listening pleasure.  This week Elegatto's Tima Fey takes you on a chill electro pop ride. 

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Elegatto

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

So what if Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday? You don’t want to get it twisted: the stakes are very much real. Making a shortlist of Valentine's gifts is a good place to start, because no matter ho...

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