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Article: Alchor: The Most Perfect Nonchalance

Alchor: The Most Perfect Nonchalance - Elegatto

Alchor: The Most Perfect Nonchalance

Traditional seafaring wisdom is timeless, but the design visions of Elegatto are abound with fresh takes and reconstructive perspectives on premium quality nautical men's bracelets, which serve as the grand resort and rendezvous of seafaring men.

In keeping with oceangoing tradition and riffs on the classic rope bracelet, seamen’s-casual is given modern twists across a multiplicity of volumes, silhouettes, and colorways, ranging from structured and fitted to quite colorful. The Alchor leans into dark blue and red (the color of the ship’s flag), and even evokes an unexpected minimalism, boldly reclaiming black. 

Elegatto Alchor Navy
Elegatto Alchor Platinum Navy
 Alchor Platinum Navy - $50
Elegatto Alchor Black
Alchor Platinum Black

Summer is the season of laying out on the yardarms with the most perfect nonchalance and approaching the beach at the best possible part of the harbor. The Alchor Bracelet channels classic tales of the sea in a range of looks that speak to our relationship to nature with a surrealism that in no way slows this narrative.

Shipowner inspired looks may seem expected for seafaring men with at least one voyage under their belt, but Elegatto’s range of Alchor bracelets have predestined mariners ready to rework their itineraries for maximum class.

'Maximum class' could mean sucrose beaches and water of a very bright blue this Summer. It could also mean the Alchor Platinum Red worn with an all-red leisure suit with flared lapels, or a lot of really big white ships and schools of little fish with fins that glow.

Elegatto Alchor Red
Elegatto Alchor Bracelet
Alchor Bracelet - $50

What about Maximum Class for under $50? Or the best premium quality nautical bracelet? Best classic rope bracelet? The answer is always the same: Elegatto. Sincerely by exhibiting an awareness of at least three different aspects of Elegatto, you may opt to shop the Alchor Bracelet — arguably a nice way for classy seafaring men to wear jewelry. 

Elegatto Alchor Red

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Vista-Gazing in Elegatto’s Polished, Powerful Lineup of Leather Bracelets - Elegatto

Vista-Gazing in Elegatto’s Polished, Powerful Lineup of Leather Bracelets

Traveling the sea is a chance to realize that the ocean is not one ocean. The water changes. Understated leather looks from Elegatto change too.

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