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Article: Vista-Gazing in Elegatto’s Polished, Powerful Lineup of Leather Bracelets

Vista-Gazing in Elegatto’s Polished, Powerful Lineup of Leather Bracelets - Elegatto

Vista-Gazing in Elegatto’s Polished, Powerful Lineup of Leather Bracelets

Elegatto is reinventing the timeless technique to create minimalist silhouettes that move beautifully wherever your journeys may take you. Whether you’re somewhere on a lower deck, or where there's always an informal buffet lunch and salmon color beach umbrellas.

Take, as one example, the moment right after sailing when you want to go out to the deck’s port rail for some vista-gazing and realize it has been a week since you’d done anything at all requiring a minimum of thought and effort. Your toughest decisions had been whether to wear the Morelle bracelet or the Uno Silver bracelet. The Morelle Bracelet itself seems preset for your comfort. It sits perfectly on the wrist. The Uno’s frictionless band is simple in its effect.

Elegatto Morelle Bracelet

Morelle Bracelet - $45

Elegatto Uno Silver Bracelet

Uno Silver Bracelet - $45

It’s also a private challenge for you to try to find a piece of dull bright-work, a chipped rail, a stain in the deck, a slack cable, or any Elegatto leather bracelet that isn't perfectly shipshape. Double black leather strands, gathering brown threads, and sterling silver plated mini shackle closure can all be seen in the Helix bracelet – with its own distinct vintage design lens. While the Kellmore Red bracelet is a familiar favorite for its comfort and texture, the eclecticism of the material palettes mirror that kind of edgy, adventurous vibe mentality when it comes to all imaginable forms of dominating sea travel.

Elegatto Helix Vintage Bracelet

Helix Vintage Bracelet - $45

Elegatto Kellmore Red Bracelet

Kellmore Red Bracelet - $45

Traveling the sea is a chance to realize that the ocean is not one ocean. The water changes. Understated leather looks from Elegatto change too, from classical cable-like braids, to full-grain leather strands, and branded shackle closures that could be described as reinterpretations of a capstan (a type of nautical hoist).

Certain additional similarities between Elegatto and sea travel tend to make us comfortable. The only real constant to nautical topography of the Ocean is its unreal prettiness. It's impossible to describe right; the closest we can come is to say that it all looks like the Kellmore Red.

Meanwhile, our Signature Silver channels origami-like intricacy, and the Helm bracelet is reminiscent of aristocratic-looking people dressed for cruising, in keeping with its dressed up or down fantasia, for some reason always associated with the ocean.

Elegatto Signature Silver Bracelet

Signature Silver Bracelet - $45

Elegatto Helm Bracelet

Helm Bracelet - $45

You’ve rounded the final turn on your return vector from Cozumel toward Key West, and today is one of the week's two "at-sea" days, when shipboard activities are at their densest and most organized. Soon you are passing little teak-lined shipboard shops with Gucci, Waterford, Wedgwood, Rolex, Elegatto and there's a crackle in the jazz and an announcement in three languages about specials in the Gift Shop.

Shop Elegatto’s polished, powerful lineup of leather bracelets, clearly the best that $50 can buy. 


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