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Article: Elegatto's Fall - Winter Style Guide

Elegatto's Fall - Winter Style Guide - Elegatto

Elegatto's Fall - Winter Style Guide

Ever wondered what look goes best with our top notch bracelet designs? this comprehensive style guide crafted by yours truly Is here to help you wonder no more. Here are four winning looks, pulled from our latest editorial shoot to get you through winter. 

1. The Turtle Neck: 

A timeless piece, that's making a huge comeback this season. from New-York to Milan, every single fashion power house had one going down their runways. 

Elegatto November Editorial


Goes with : Bangle Silver, Uno Silver, Alchor , Anchor Silver. 

Style with: Biker jacket, Black Jeans, any type of show. 

Recommend colors: Gray, Mustard, Navy & Black. 

Tip: Don’t be scared to throw on some neckless to spice up the look.

2. Biker Jacket: 

As the name suggests, The biker jacket, was originally made for bikers, it's high waist was designed to make it more comfortable for ridders to drive their bikes without having the jacket press against their stomachs. since it's debut in the 1950's the biker jacket had become a staple piece, one that truly goes with everything. 

Elegatto november editorial

Goes with : Bangle Silver and gold, helix vintage, Alchor Navy, Signature Silver.

Style with: Biker jacket, Black Jeans, t-shirt or a dress shirt.

Recommend colors: Black & Brown. 

3. The Blazer: 

A little history;  The sartorial term blazer originated with the red "blazers" of the Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825), the rowing club of St. John's College, Cambridge. The Lady Margaret club jackets were termed blazers because of the bright red cloth, and the term survived the original red coat. A writer to the London Daily News (22 August 1889) commented that "In your article of to-day … you speak of 'a striped red and black blazer', 'the blazer', also of 'the pale toned' ones … A blazer is the red flannel boating jacket worn by the Lady Margaret, St. John's College, Cambridge, Boat Club. 

Goes with : Kellmore brown, Morelle, Amante Bali

Style with: The Blazer can be worn with a wide variety of clothes, ranging from a dress shirt and necktie to an open-necked polo shirt, or even just a plain T-shirt

Tip: Don't be afraid to go for a blazer with pattern or print it will surely spice up your look. 

4. The Wife Beater (Tank Top): 

This famous and essential piece of clothing got it's name in 1947 at a famous criminal trial, when a Detroit man was arrested for beating his wife to death.

while we do not condone violence of any type, we do highly recommend you equip yourself with a variety of these basic yet highly versatile tank top. 

Elegatto November Editorial

Goes with : Jovian, Anchor Silver Duo, Anchor Silver , Helix Black , Alchor Platinum

Style with: Goes with anything. 

Tip: keep it tucked in. 

Photo Credits: 

Creative Direction & Photography: Ori Paul Levi

Stylist: Wiliam Ylvisaker 

Grooming: Mike Fernandez 

Model: Shayne Devis @ L.A Models  


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