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Article: Elegatto weekly playlist #1

Elegatto weekly playlist #1 - Elegatto

Elegatto weekly playlist #1

Curated weekly by the Elegatto team for your listening pleasure. 

This week Elegatto's creative director Ori Paul Lev takes you on a dark disco journey to sweeten up your weekend:

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The history of leather - Elegatto

The history of leather

Leather is one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive man hunted wild animals for food, then made clothing, foo...

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Elegatto's Fall - Winter Style Guide - Elegatto

Elegatto's Fall - Winter Style Guide

Ever wondered what look goes best with our top notch bracelet designs? this comprehensive style guide crafted by yours truly Is here to help you wonder no more. Here are four winning looks, pulled ...

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