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Article: Elegatto Weekly Playlist #6

Elegatto Weekly Playlist #6 - Elegatto

Elegatto Weekly Playlist #6

Jump into this chill alternative pop vibe curated for Elegatto by the sensational Boy Untitled [READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH BOY UNTITLED HERE] - follow us on Spotify and never miss a beat. 

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3 Interesting Historical Facts About Bracelets - Elegatto
bracelet blog

3 Interesting Historical Facts About Bracelets

Bracelets are more than just a simple accessory, let us share 3 interesting historical facts about bracelets with you.

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Interview With Boy Untitled - Elegatto

Interview With Boy Untitled

Elegatto’s Creative Director Ori Paul Levi, set down for a chat with Boy Untitled, a sensational recording artist and curator of our 6th Weekly Playlist, to talk about music, style & everything...

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