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Article: Interview With Boy Untitled

Interview With Boy Untitled - Elegatto

Interview With Boy Untitled

Elegatto’s Creative Director Ori Paul Levi, set down for a chat with Boy Untitled, a sensational recording artist and curator of our 6th Weekly Playlist, to talk about music, style & everything in between. 

Boy Untitled for Elegatto by Ori Paul Levi

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

My name is Boy Untitled and I am an independent recording artist based in Los Angeles making alternative pop.

I am originally from Philadelphia, but have been living in Los-Angeles for 15 years. When I first moved here after high school, I was still in the closet. I quickly got involved in the local night life scene, which was a big proponent in helping me discover my queer identity. My “coming out” was forged in the club kid and art communities, which continue to influence my work.

While I grew up as a musician, it wasn’t until I turned 30 that I began working as a recording artist. For the past five years I have been developing my sound, exploring my musicality, my art and myself. It’s been a vulnerable journey; One that has been shaped by my creative community and chosen family.

What is music for you?

Music for me is about the process of healing. I create and connect to music as a way of processing the world and my experiences around me. Music - like light, energy and matter - is vibration. It’s part of the fundamental building blocks of who we are. For that reason, I truly see music as the universal language that connects all of us. 

So many of the seminal moments of my life have been shaped around the experience of listening to or creating music. Those experiences have helped me heal and become the person I am today. And in large group settings like a rave or concert, that shared ecstatic experience is something people chase because it helps them feel more deeply … together. 

I am a musician because I find so much joy, satisfaction and necessity in helping create spaces where people can tune into their being-ness - and our shared connection - through sound.

Let talk fashion, how do you like to dress? 

My style is pretty eclectic and I rely mostly on vintage shopping (shoutout to Miller’s Room and Virgo Downtown). Day-to-day, I stick mostly to basics and monochromatic looks. When I go out, I enjoy mixing different styles and materials like denim, leather and playing with silhouettes. I usually go with a statement pant and basic top plus the right accessories. 

Lately, I’ve been vibing really hard on “Western” inspired-looks, wearing a good cowboy hat, boots and a braided belt almost daily. For my performance looks, this translates into what I’ve been calling a “Space Cowboy” aesthetic: Boots, hat, assless bottoms and anything that sparkles. 

In all instances, I’ve always been about locking in the look with good jewelry. I go back and forth between a “more-is-more” philosophy and wearing one strong piece. Right now, I’m more about keeping it simple and clean.

What is your favorite Elegatto Bracelet? 

I Adore my Bangle Gold Bracelet. 

Mix metals, Yes or No? 

Yes, anything goes. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

I am currently working on several new projects! My second EP, Losing Time, is coming out in January, as well as several really cool collaborations with other recording artists based here and abroad like Boy Apocalypse, Love Bailey, Andrea Di Giovanni and Zee Machine to name a few.



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