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Article: Elegatto's Clients Remix Their Bracelets

Elegatto's Clients Remix Their Bracelets - Elegatto

Elegatto's Clients Remix Their Bracelets


Elegatto has become increasingly self-referential as our clients' personal styling has moved further into Elegatto’s instagram feed with familiar timepiece staples and our bracelets styled and remixed, which brought to light some key principles behind styling bracelets with watches effortlessly.

Effortlessness can be achieved through mastering proportion and fit, personalization, and setting. Elegatto’s star clients have distinguished themselves by capturing the essence of ease across multiple fronts, setting the stage for a bracelet styling renaissance that spans color coordination, proportions, and placement.

Proportions and fit: With its dual foray into wearing larger bracelets for thicker wrists and smaller for thin wrists, Elegatto bracelets should be tight enough to comfortably fit your wrist. Bracelets with significant weight should be fitted, while lighter bracelets can have a little more freedom. A beefier watch can stand up to our heavier bracelets, while a more refined timepiece pairs well with one of our thinner bracelets. Remember the importance of proportion when styling your watch with our bracelets and don’t be afraid to take center stage with an emphasis on experimentation, adding a touch of the extraordinary to any outfit.

Personalization: Marrying a watch and bracelet in a single look will help you stand out for your ability to merge eccentric and practical elegance. Elegatto's natural materials like leather and rope wear well over time and get better with age, with colors that are easy to wear and match your outfit. Layering blue over bright red might be an exquisite chromatic combination, and black’s regal and nocturnal quality could make its appearance within more formal and evening-minded looks.

Remember: Setting should be the forerunner, helping you determine between casual and formal looks that redefine your boundaries.

An Elegatto bracelet does what all good accessories do – complete your look. Many of our clients have their finger on the pulse of nautical, while others seem to have loftier aspirations as they incorporate variations on color – from the restful to the electrifying – across a wide range of styling approaches with confidence, regality, and power.


OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m Automatic styled by @canttelltime

Duetto Nautical Navy Bracelet

Omega Seamaster Professional 300 Chrono Blue Dial
Tudor Black Bay Stainless Steel Automatic 41mm styled by @modernwatchgu
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 styled by @modernwatchgu
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional CoAxial Master Chronometer Chronograph styled by @richhorology
Tudor Black Bay 58 Chronometer Automatic 39mm Black Dial styled by @richhorology
OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m CoAxial Master Chronometer 42mm styled by @gwjonescreative

Your style may be as flamboyant as it is luxurious, or you may opt for more refined elegance, and play with unconventional textures, pushing the boundaries of traditional mens styling. Meanwhile, send a message and you’ll be asked if there’s a special meaning behind it. Choose one of our bracelets that works personally and tells your story.

There’s nothing like a quality timepiece, and we anticipate that these statements are becoming more and more personal. Elegatto invites you to experience the tactile joy of fashion, making your bracelet and watch combination an exploration of comfort and style.


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