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Article: Elegatto's Guide to Styling a Watch with Bracelets

Elegatto's Guide to Styling a Watch with Bracelets - Elegatto

Elegatto's Guide to Styling a Watch with Bracelets

It can be hard to determine if you should wear a watch with bracelets, but Elegatto gives you an illustrative guide on how to pull it off. Styled from the landscapes of quiet and loud luxury, Elegatto has undergone a significant transformation, upholding traditions while embracing experimental nuances.

The Pelagus Aegean bracelet presents a fresh take on the Mediterranean, blurring the lines between traditional menswear accessories and informal dressing, while Ulysse Nardin’s technically innovative approach introduces a sporty aesthetic, reflecting a renewed inspiration of the modern diver.

And while the mood is decidedly refined, meeting the modern consumer’s need for wearable accessories that can transition seamlessly across different settings and scenarios — from business meetings to casual outings is an aesthetic that permeates through The Uno Silver bracelet. Seiko’s look is elevated, with a refined aesthetic that offers travel styling with a swing back towards watches crafted for affordability.

Contrast is essential in The Orion Gray bracelet. Natural cotton rope is primary and highlighted with contrasting bands. The silver-plated stainless steel shackle is designed not just for utility but for high-shine appeal. At the same time, shards of luminous orange appear in vivid contrasts in Rolex’s fresh take on the Explorer II.

Classic masculine tropes are gently subverted in The Snake Chain Silver, integrating 925 silver into its design, reinforcing minimalism and a sense of timelessness. Tudor’s colors, too, are understated. Soft color injections underscore versatility while combining a taupe bezel, dial, and strap creates a discreet but sartorial look.

The Helix Vintage Bracelet, characterized by natural leather and minimalist design, redefines wearability. Brands like Omega have spearheaded this revolution, with timeless silhouettes reimagined for both terrestrial voyages and oceanic expeditions.

The meticulous approach to traditional watchmaking contributes to the ongoing dialogue of redefined masculinity in fashion while showcasing that less is more or more is more through understated elegance or overstated effortlessness. In this light, wearing a watch with bracelets isn't just about ostentation or extravagance but rather about the quality of the timepiece, and the bracelet’s versatility. It is about making a statement through authenticity, and Elegatto’s collection raises a testament to this new definition of luxury.

Ready to elevate your style? Explore Elegatto's exquisite collection today, one piece at a time.




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