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Article: Top 25 Men's Grooming Products 2022

Top 25 Men's Grooming Products 2022 - Elegatto

Top 25 Men's Grooming Products 2022

We're long past the days when grooming was considered a female domain. The modern man who does not have a grooming routine is more likely to be thought of as a dinosaur. Nowadays, male grooming products fight for space in the bathroom cabinet and with women's toiletries.  

With this mass acceptance of men looking after their skin, hair, and facial hair, there comes a bewildering and overwhelming number of male-centric products. It's the same for women who need equal help in trying to work out which products best suit them.

This list picks out some of the best men's grooming products for 2022.

Basic and General Hygiene and Body Care

Cremo Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

Cremo produces a range of toiletries for men that are available on their website or at Amazon. Their range of antiperspirants and deodorants feature scents that are unique and interesting. You also get a wallet-friendly product that is effective in fighting wetness and odor to ensure you remain fresh all day. It's also a streak-free product so no worrying about marks on your clothing. 

Byrd Hair & Body Wash

Some people are of the mind that combo products cannot be of high quality. That isn't the case, especially if you are looking for convenience in your grooming products. One-n-Done Hair and Body Wash are ideal for those days when you're in a rush or just feeling a wee bit lazy. Combining natural ingredients like green tea, kelp, and coconut oil, this product is an effective shampoo, conditioner and body wash

Nivea Men Breathable Body Lotion

Nivea might be one of the most common brands among the products on this list of best men's grooming products but it thoroughly deserves its place for this body lotion. A body lotion that is too thick might lock in moisture for a long-lasting effect on dry skin but it can also block pores which is not good for problematic skin. This product features Nivea's breathable skin technology. Traditional emulsifiers are replaced by microgel. Enriched with vitamins E and C and shea butter, you'll be impressed by the fast absorption and long-lasting results. 

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Lip balm isn't just for girls who post pout poses on Instagram! Every man secretly wants kissable lips. Available in six fabulous flavors, Jack Black's lip balm delivers intensive care to your lips through a formulation of all-natural ingredients including vitamin E and green tea. It also has sunscreen with an SPF of 25. 

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0

A trusty Gillette shaver or Harry's razor is not suitable for the intricate manscaping required for a fancy-shaped beard/mustache or neatly trimmed groin area. Featuring trademarked SkinSafe technology and precision engineering, the Lawn Mower 4.0 delivers a gentle but close shave free from nicks and redness. Waterproof and wireless, it will take your grooming to the next level. 

Facial Skincare

The key to successful skincare to keep your face looking healthy and youthful is knowing your skin type, choosing the appropriate products, and following a good routine. 

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask

Soap and water don't cut it to get your face clean. Soap can also be dried. Over the day, dead skin cells build up on your face and mix with sebum from your pores and environmental toxins and irritants. This can lead to breakouts and a dull complexion. Use this Dead Sea Mud Face Mask to thoroughly exfoliate, cleanse, repair, and tighten your skin. Made from all-natural ingredients including Dead Sea mud, shea butter, and jojoba oil, it is suitable for all skin types

Bulk Homme The Face Wash

Made in Japan, this award-winning face wash is the ideal pick-me-up to give a radiant tone to your complexion. It works in three steps to cleanse, hydrate, and protect resulting in a healthier overall refreshed appearance. The luxurious whipped foam formula contains natural ingredients including white willow bark, yuzu, green tea, and apple, smooths without drying out the skin.

Pacific Shaving Company Clean Facial Wash

This powerful yet gentle cleanser does a thorough job with just a pea-sized amount of product that contains glycerin, sea salt, and aloe vera. Start each day fresh with this face wash that cleans deep into the pores and locks in hydration. Unscented and ideal for sensitive skin

Brickell Resurfacing Anti-Aging Cream

It's never too early to start anti-aging preventative measures. Brickell's anti-aging cream is a powerhouse of natural and organic ingredients to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Active ingredients include vitamin C, aloe vera, and borage oil, to even out and brighten skin tone. Available as lightly citrus-scented or unscented.

Hawthorne Face Cleanser

If you like your daily grooming routine to be a refreshing wake-up call to your face, choose this invigorating cleanser. Designed to be exfoliating and purifying, this product utilizes natural ingredients like soapbark, aloe vera, and charcoal to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities from your skin. If you want American-made, free-from-everything products choose Hawthorne. 

Oars + Alps Natural Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream

This two-in-one facial moisturizer and eye cream is an ideal pick for any man who wants his bathroom cabinet to be stocked with naturally derived and environmentally conscious products. Suitable for all skin types, it has a non-greasy formula and is quickly absorbed. Ultra-hydration is delivered with jojoba oil and shea butter. It contains vitamin E and aloe vera to fight free radicals (a major factor in aging) and Alpine Caribou Moss to promote elasticity. 

Eye Care

The eye area is the one area of your face where you can guarantee the first signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive to fine lines and wrinkles. Lifestyle choices also show in dark circles and puffy eyes. 

Lumin After Hours Recovery Oil

Infused with argan oil, this cream is perfectly formulated to pump life back into tired eyes. The gentle eye oil replenishes and hydrates to reduce dark circles as well as provide a layer of protection to the delicate skin through repair and tightening. 

Hand Care

Olivina Men Hand Rescue

Hand care is probably the most neglected and omitted process in a male grooming routine. this leaves many men with dry hands. If you want soft hands that are hydrated but non-greasy, this organic olive oil-based hand remedy is the answer. With a formula based on organic cocoa butter and bergamot and cedar providing the fragrance, the restorative cream rescues, and repairs as well as protecting against future dryness


Every Man Jack Hydrating Shave Gel

With hero ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile extract, and olive oil extract, this shave cream is ideal for every skin type including sensitivity. It's fragrance-free and super hydrating to soften and prep your beard for a smooth clean shave. 

Imperial Barber Pre-Shave Oil

Men who are seriously invested in their grooming routine shouldn't be without an effective pre-shave product. This pre-shave oil softens and conditions facial hair in preparation for a safe, close, clean, smooth comfortable shave. The formulation of essential oils, vitamin E and macadamia glycerides conditions your beard to keep it looking its best. 

Post-Shave Care

With facial hair much more trendy than it has even been, looking after your beard and/or mustache is paramount otherwise it will just look scruffy and unkempt. 

Rugged & Dapper Beard and Hair Oil

A fragrance-free product made from organic natural ingredients, this hair and beard oil includes vitamin E, aloe vera, and hazelnut oil. It is suitable for all hair and beard types and can be used if you have thinning hair, dryness, itchy skin, or dandruff. Use Rugged & Dapper if you want a healthy luxuriant beard or head of hair. 

18.21 Man-Made Beard, Hair, and Skin Oil

For a barbershop experience at home, 18.21 Oil is a real treat for your skin, hair, and beard. It's even great for adding a new vibrancy to your tattoos. Available in three different scents - spiced vanilla, absolute mahogany, and noble oud - this professional-level product's active ingredients include essential oils such as argan oil, castor seed oil, and dogrose oil. All combine to give your calm skin and healthy hair. 

Bulldog Original Beard Balm

Containing green tea, aloe vera and camelina oil, Bulldog's beard balm is simple and effective providing a neat finish without being oily. Even suitable for thick beard hair, you'll love the way the balm leaves your beard looking and feeling healthier and conditioned. 

Finishing Touches - After Shave

Every man needs a signature scent, but he should also have a wardrobe of fragrances to call on to suit every occasion. Here's a pick of some of the best-selling and favorite aftershave lotions and perfumes.

Armani Code

Described as a seductive, masculine scent, Armani Code suits every occasion from business meetings to first dates. Epitomizing the elegance and style with which Armani is synonymous, Code is an amber/spicy perfume with bergamot and lemon, hints of exotic spices, and undertones of leather and tobacco. 

Sauvage by Dior

You don't have to be enigmatic Johnny Depp to capture the essence of the wilderness; simply choose Sauvage by Christian Dior as your scent when you want a potent woody aroma that evokes blue skies, wide-open spaces, and rugged terrain. That it is a best-selling men's fragrance is a testament to its versatility for all occasions. 

Atlantis by Blu Atlas

Ideal if you have a sensitive skin type and are also environmentally conscious, Atlantis from Blu Atlas is made from hand-picked, all-natural ingredients. Devoid of synthetic chemicals and phthalates it won't irritate skin or harm the environment. Described as masculine and bold, the long-lasting fragrance is aromatic and earthy with notes of clary sage, bergamot, and patchouli. 

Versace Pour Homme

First introduced in 2008, Versace Pour Homme has more than stood the test of time. If you're looking for an aromatic scent with notes of fresh citrus and spice, you'll find it here. With bergamot, lemon, neroli, rose, cedar, sage, geranium, musk, amber, and tonka bean, Pour Homme is a great pick for the confident man who loves life. 

Finishing Touches - Hair Care

Dove Men+Care Taming Gel

Say goodbye to bad hair days and unruly styling with this taming gel. Alcohol, sulfates, and paraben-free, the beauty is in the ease of use and the finish. The formula is infused with caffeine to pump life into every strand and will hold every style in place making hair appear thicker and healthier with a classic wet-look finish.

Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Spray

Hairstyling isn't always about gels or preparations to hold strands in place. This sea salt spray with a subtle fresh pine scent is an all-natural product containing sea salt and glycerin and is designed to add volume and texture to your hair. Your hair will feel hydrated and healthy all day long and a bonus is that the product comes in post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Marlowe Original Water Pomade

When you want a slick finish with a medium to strong hold to your hairstyle, Marlowe's pomade delivers. Simple and effective, it not only holds and gives that vital finishing touch but also hydrates to give your hair a healthy sheen. 

This list of best men's grooming products covers all steps that should be in a regular grooming routine. The key to success is to always find the right product for the right job and formulated to your skin type and hair type.

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